Company president Silvio Pittarelli's passion for retail began at an early age.
Born in italy, Silvio immigrated to Canada in 1957 with his father Antonio, his mother Emilia, his brother Mario and his sister Brigida. Antonio Pittarelli chose Quebec as the land of opportunity for his young family and soon opened a shoe store and repair shop specializing in hand made "orthopedic shoes". Antonio's philosophies of quality, workmanship and fashion at value pricing were quickly endorsed by a very loyal customer base and of course embraced and perpetuated by his children.
the "Pittarelli Design" is the influence behind RIO SUD"s private label program encompassing the best in designs and quality at very affordable prices and available exclusively in all our boutiques. This collection is a reflection of extensive research and evaluation of trends and colors brought together and refined for practical apllications to suit the RIO SUD woman. The quality is measured and controlled to assure you of the craftmanship and durability of the finished product synonymous of the Pittarelli tradition.
When you purchase a Pittarelli Design garment, you can wear it with pride.

Silvio Pittarelli